Lindsay Lohan Spent New Year's Eve on Senate Candidate Jeff Greene's Yacht?

Billionaire Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene sure has some interesting friends. Mike Tyson (convicted of rape) was the best man at his wedding. "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fliess (convicted of tax evasion) was a yearlong house guest.

Now, it appears he once joined Lindsay Lohan (headed to jail for 90 days for violating parole) on vacation in St. Barts. Why would we be thinking about sending this man to the Senate when clearly he should be spending his time casting the next season of VH1's Surreal Life?

Pictures of Greene hanging out with Lohan this past New Year's Eve in St. Barts are resurfacing now that he's running for Senate.

Two photos popped up on the Buzz this morning. One shows Lohan talking to a shoeless Greene during the day. The other shows Greene in Lohan's posse later that night.

We've dug up a few more: Here's Greene and Lohan on a dinghy, and here is the duo waiting for a table at a café.

We're not going to imply anything, but Greene's young wife, Mei Sze, isn't pictured in any of them.

According to a 2008 Wall Street Journal article about Greene's lavish lifestyle -- which calls him a "meltdown mogul" -- he has docked his 145-foot yacht in St. Barts around New Year's Eve before.

So, perhaps Lohan spent her New Year's Eve as a guest on Greene's yacht? The photos of her and Greene on a dinghy at least suggest she visited the boat.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.