Let's Play Identity Politics For a Moment

So after the NRSC endorsed Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio in the Republican Senate primary, a lot of people implied it was a snub to Hispanics. We thought this was silly. Crist has won three statewide campaigns in a row, is an extremely popular governor, and has a national profile. He's going to win the primary unless there's some shocking surprise. 

But, it does raise an important point. Both parties in Florida need to embrace the Hispanic population, and the future of Florida's government may hang in the balance. Though, you wouldn't know it by looking at the early formation of each party's 2010 ticket. Let's run down the current front runners in the statewide races: 

Democrat: Alex Sink, a white lady originally from North Carolina who now resides in Tampa with some Thai ancestry. 
Republican: Bill McCullom, a white man born in Brooksville and residing in Orlando. 

Democrat: Kendrick Meek, an African-American man from Miami. 
Republican: Charlie Crist, a white man born in Altoona, Pennsylvania and raised in St. Pete.

Attorny General
Democrat: Dan Gelber, a Jewish white man born and residing in Miami.
Republican: Jeff Kottkamp, a white man from Indianapolis, Indiana and residing in Ft. Myers.

Democrat: Dave Arnober, a Jewish white man born in Miami, and residing in Green Acres. 
Republican: Jeff Atwater, a white man born in St. Louis, Missouri, currently residing in North Palm Beach

Agriculture Comissioner: 
Democrat: The Dems usually just cede this race. 
Republican: Adam Putnam, a white man born and residing in Bartow. 

Some of this isn't even certain: Gelber would have to drop out of the Senate race, though it's highly rumored. Any of this could change any second. Someone's mistress might pop up or something, but let's note right now there are no Hispanics. Something fun like that. 

Marco Rubio could drop out of the primary and challenge Kottkamp for AG in the primary, which could very well happen and he may very well win. He could also jump on McCullom's ticket as Lt. Gov down the road, which would make sense. 

But as it stands right now, the front runners in the Republican races are all straight, non-hispanic white, Christian men. Democrats meanwhile have no straight, white, Christian men. Both lack any hispanic presence. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder