Legislature This Year Might Get Around to Making Sex With Animals Illegal

Sex with animals? Still technically legal in the great state of Florida.

State Sen. Nan Rich championed a bill last year that would make bestiality a felony, but the prudish Florida legislature never got around to passing it.

Miami Sen. Larcenia Bullard's "People are taking these animals as their husbands? What's husbandry?" quote pretty much summed up the bizarre attitude in the body last year, but Rich is back with a new version of the bill, which she hopes to get passed this year.

The bill already passed a senate committee today and might finally make sexy time with animals illegal. So, bestialists, umm, it might be best to draft a Dear John letter to your lover now, and just a reminder: Rubbing one out at Cavalia is still a crime.

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Kyle Munzenrieder