LeBron James Pokes Fun at Dwyane Wade's Migraine Glasses

Apparently, LeBron James sometimes forgets he's part of the Miami Heat's big three and acts like a member of another famous trio: Larry, Curly, and Moe. Dwyane Wade is dealing with serious migraine headaches and has been wearing special, slightly funny-looking glasses to deal with light sensitivity during practice, and James and coach Erik Spoelstra just can't seem to stop laughing at them.

Wade's migraine issues are pretty serious, forcing him to sit out Saturday's game. The glasses he's wearing really aren't that ridiculous. They look like something a professional bicyclist might wear, but James thought they were so hilarious looking he'd don a pair too.

"D-Wade is like a kid who just transferred schools, and they don't have any friends," James told The Sun-Sentinel. "So, you know, I felt like me putting on glasses today, I would help him get accustomed to the new school that we've got going on right now. I decided to join him, and I made him part of our little Boy Scout club we've got going."

Well, actually James, you're like the kid who literally did just transfer, but glad to know he'll go out of his way to make his teammates feel not so alone. Maybe the only reason he sprained his ankle was so that Chris Bosh would have company sitting on the sidelines.

"James signs with Wade's Heat during the off-season, and then decides he runs the school and Wade is the loser transfer. Got it," quips a CBS sports blog.

But you can blame Coach Spoelstra for setting the tone when it comes to Wade's glasses:

The jokes began the moment he walked into the locker room. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra began laughing the second he saw Wade wearing the eyewear.

Spoelstra even struggled during the team film session, refusing to look at Wade to prevent from bursting in laughter.

"Dwyane is doing his best Danny Schayes impersonation," Spoelstra said, referring to the former NBA player known for his eyewear.

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Kyle Munzenrieder