LeBron James Issues South Beach Edition Sneakers

LeBron James didn't just take his talents to South Beach, he brought Nike's design team along with him apparently. The newest Nike Air Max LeBron 8 kicks come in a special edition "South Beach" color way which, of course, means they're bright turquoise and hot pink. They're fresher than a new coat of paint on an art deco hotel.

James unveiled the shoes at various sneaker stores around Miami this weekend, and they retail for about $160. If you don't want to plant your feet in neon, they will be available in other colors too later this month, like the Heat's red and black.

We'd have to go with the flashier edition though than the so-so official Heat colors. Sure it's a little stereotypical. For color inspiration the designers obviously didn't look much farther than Miami Vice logo. But the unapologetically bold pallet does remind us of the colors the ABA's Floridians used to rock in the '70s.

The Heat payed homage to those black, magenta and orange get up a few years ago, and we were sold.

Bright colors like this are certainly more reminiscent of Miami than the Heat's black, white and red (which, when it comes to the NBA is forever linked to the Bulls). Do you think LeBron has enough power to make the Heat's jersey match his new shoes?

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