Lawton Chiles' Son Thinking About Entering Governor's Race

Are you ready for Governor Lawton Chiles 2.0? Alex Sink sure isn't.

Naked Politics reports that Lawton Chiles III is considering making a late entrance into the governor's race as a democrat. Alex Sink, the state's CFO, has been running for nearly a year now and was considered a lock to win the democratic nomination.

Chiles would be starting from scratch in the fundraising department, but would benefit from his daddy's name recognition. He's also been vocal on children's issues and the direction of the state.

Tallahassee PR guru Ron Sachs puts the odds on Chiles running at 80/20, and his wife, Kitty, is already talking up his convictions in the press. He'd be a serious underdog, but so was he father when he ran for senate in 1970. His infamous walk around Florida changed all that. He went on to serve three terms in the US senate and two terms as Governor (beating Jeb Bush in a last minute electoral surge for his second term).

Sink has long been the presumed nominee, but if the saga of Charlie Crist is any indication, it's not unthinkable that an out-of-nowhere upstart could topple things.

Meanwhile, presumed Republican nominee Bill McCollum is facing primary challenges of his own. State Sen. Paula Dockery has been chugging along on her campaign, and last month former health care exec Rick Scott and his deep pockets entered the race with a big buy of TV time.

With all eyes on the senate race, it seemed that a McCollum v. Sink matchup was taken for granted, but that may be up in the air now.

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