Latest Poll: Kendrick Meek Only One Point Behind Marco Rubio

It's looking more and more like Charlie Crist won't survive the Republican primary. That's a tremendous coup for Marco Rubio, but it's looking more and more like he could be vulnerable against Democrat Kendrick Meek in the general election.

A new poll from Daily Kos/Research 2000 (yes, Democrat leaning, but generally considered accurate on the state level) shows Meek is polling only one point behind Rubio, 41-40. That's within the margin of error. Though if Charlie Crist did capture the GOP nomination, he'd beat Meek handedly, 45-36.

It might be because 36 percent of voters find Rubio unfavorable, compared to just 29 percent who find him favorable and 35 percent who have no opinion.

Meek still needs to work on name recognition, but 25 percent find him favorable, 19 percent unfavorable, and 57 percent have no opinion.

In the GOP primary, Rubio smashes Crist 58-30. Daily Kos, being the slight troublemaker it is, also asked Republican voters if they believed President Obama was born in America or not.

Thirty percent of Florida's Republicans believe he wasn't. Another 37 percent aren't sure.

Crist leads among the 33 percent who say he was, 66-23. Rubio tracks with more than 70 percent among those who say he wasn't or aren't sure.

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