Latest Disease to Be Afraid of: Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

First came that deadly strain of meningitis.

Then, who could forget about Swine Flu?

And of course the EPIC hotel is currently in the middle of a Legionnaire's Disease controversy.

Now, The Herald reports, there's yet another threatening disease that's popped up in South Florida: extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis!

Up until now the particular strain of TB had never been found in America, but it popped up in 19-year-old Oswaldo Juarez, a Peruvian studying English in Lantana, Florida.

The strain of TB is part of a larger trend of new mutations of infectious disease that we had previously been able to cure or control through drugs. Though, because antibiotics were often misused and over prescribed, strains mutated that were resistant to treatment and, basically, we are all going to die.

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Kyle Munzenrieder