Last Night: H2-Om at the Standard

All Miami yogis who are hip to the scene know about The Standard’s regular Friday soiree, H2-Om. I headed there last night, as this was the om-fest’s big night – three years in the making – ode to the Miami Yoga community.

The shtick of the evening was the attendance of the Hare Krishnas from the Grove. They were there to pump some life into the scene, and it definitely worked – the place was so packed you could hardly move. Some had to bail because there just wasn’t enough room. No complaints here, as I strive to get close and sweaty with as many people as possible.

If you’re not familiar with the Krishnas, they are the ones who parade around the beach chanting (you guessed it) Hare Krishna. Once you get past the freak factor, you realize that this is a very cool cohesive crew. They led the evening’s Kirtan (where everyone sits around and chants). I have to say that I realized last night that the Grove’s Krishnas are sort of sexy, but then again I could have been hallucinating from the heat. Well, that and I have really freaky taste in men.

The night went on with a short yoga class and a yoga demo by Miami Life Center’s Kino MacGregor. If you haven’t seen this woman practice, I definitely recommend you put it on your list of things to do, she classifies as a contortionist. At one point the room was a blur of chanting, dancing, yoga and flower throwing. I began to question my sobriety when things began to wind down and I was served a nice surprise – the Krishnas served up some sweet food they had brought. (Okay, these guys cook, too? I’m in love).

Part of the entrance fee for the event (and the real reason I go) includes use of the Standard’s baths after H2-Om. I always know it’s been a good night when I get to strip down in public after an event. Most of the yogis take advantage of this perk (and the baths are what put the “H2” in the “Om” of the event). Although every Friday isn’t this eventful at H2-Om, it is one marquee event every Miami yogi should experience at least once.

- Jessie Luttman

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