Natalie O'Neill
Lobby of the Surfcomber Hotel.

Last Night: Aqua Girl Cocktail Reception at the Surfcomber

Next to a fancy table of hors d’ourves at the Aqua Girl kickoff cocktail meet-and-greet, a tall stylish financial investor popped the question.

“Are you part of the lifestyle?” she asked through a pair of bright red lips. She was talking about being gay, but from the looks of the crowd she seemed to also be talking about having money.

Lesbians from all over the country just arrived in Miami for Aqua Girl, a weekend of upscale partying and lounging in posh hotels. The events include an Aqualicious Pool Party, a night of fine dining, a concert by female rockers The Clicks, and a comedy show with Julie Goldman from Big Gay Sketch Show (which I have to admit I’ve never heard of). It all runs through May 18.

Natalie O'Neill
Top Chef Season 1 contestant Tiffani Faison and guest at the Aqua Girl Cocktail Reception at the Surfcomber Hotel.

The weekend got rolling with an evening party to see and be seen at Surfcomber Hotel on Collins Avenue. As the sun went down, skinny girls lounged on couches in their bathing suits, sipping watery margaritas. Butch mamas sported ties and chugged Heineken from cans. Older sophisticated couples looked jet-lagged.

Photographers and camera crews showed up, grabbed their press kits and hoped to get a sexy shot of the hottest girls. “Ok, ladies, show some enthusiasm!” one photographer prompted.

The Aqua Girl website promised a fashion show by female designers, along with the reception, but it was bumped to another slot. Instead, a singer played cover songs on an acoustic guitar - and nobody seemed too disappointed. Most of the girls had the same weekend goal in mind, anyway: get drunk, get laid, and get a tan.

For more info about Aqua Girl check out http://www.aquagirl.org.

- Natalie O'Neill

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