Large Boa Constrictor Found Wandering Through Miami-Dade Neighborhood

Did anybody lose a rare, five-and-a-half foot snake? We can't imagine it's the kind of thing that you wouldn't notice was missing, because Miami-Dade police sure noticed it when they found it wandering through a neighborhood in the Northwest area of the county this morning.

According to NBC Miami, authorities found the snake slithering around early this morning near the 3100 block of Northwest 16th Street.

The large snake is actually quite a rare breed: the Dumeril's Boa. The snake is native to Madagascar, and usually grows to about six and half feet.

Authorities believe the snake is probably somebody's pet, because it appears to be used to handling by humans. Though, the snake could still pose a threat to other pets or possibly humans in the area.

"She could do some damage," Lt. Lisa Wood told NBC Miami. "She's got a lot of teeth in that mouth. She's strong enough to give you a good squeeze."

The anti-venom union is hoping to find the snake's owner, but if no one comes forward they'll likely keep the exotic snake themselves and use it for educational purposes.

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