Lady Gaga Impersonator Fools South Beach Stores

Yesterday, an over-eager PR flack from Guess sent out a press release and a picture claiming that none other than Lady Gaga had paid a visit to their South Beach store. Problem was that the woman in the picture was wearing painfully normal clothes, which is so not Gaga. Nor were the undyed roots, slightly larger bust, and seemingly older-than-25 face. Indeed it wasn't the Fame Monster herself, but the impersonator did do a good job of causing a scene in South Beach.

The New York Post reports that the faux-Gaga arrived first at Big Pink restaurant with an entourage of four SUVs and ten security guards. Managers of the restaurant allowed the guards to do a sweep of the restaurant before the blond sat down to eat.

Faux Gaga then hit up French Connection and Guess, with a Guess rep claiming, "The crowd was getting so out of control that security needed to shut down the store so Lady Gaga could browse."

Several fans had surrounded the Gaga-nator, wishing her a happy birthday.

Unfortunately, the real Lady Gaga was spending her birthday in Vegas playing a concert.

That doesn't explain, though, who this woman was, why she was playing Gaga, and where she got the cash for a giant entourage. Nor why the word "Gaga" was mysteriously written in the clouds this weekend over Ultra Music Festival.

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Kyle Munzenrieder