Krop High Fined $53,000 For Cheating Basketball Team

The Florida High School Athletic Association today released findings from its investigation of Aventura-area Dr. Michael M. Krop High's basketball team, which was disqualified from the playoffs last year amid amidst allegations of rampant cheating.

The verdict: For falsifying information in order to play ineligible students, Krop High is being fined $53,182. Its boy's basketball team, ranked number one in the state at the time of disqualification, will be barred from the playoffs for three years.

New Times' own investigative work appears to have played a large role in the association's findings: The three students found to be in violation-- Joseph Trevin, Angel Rodriguez, and Brian Delancy-- were discovered by this publication to have filed bogus addresses with the school district.

The financial hit is a relative bargain, discounted because Miami-Dade County Public Schools took action based on the association's investigation. Krop was facing a fine of $331,000 which was reduced, according to the athletic association, with the demotion and transfer of former principal Matthew Welker and the ouster of notorious coach Marcos "Shakey" Rodriguez.

In addition, all public school principals and athletic directors in the county will have to attend a "compliance seminar" next year.

The athletic association's findings are redacted, but it's easy enough to figure out which players they refer to.

Residence information was falsified in the cases of guards Joseph and Rodriguez, according to the investigative report. Records showing that faculty member checked on their addresses were also doctored. In Joseph's case, the school produced a data card showing Joseph's dad was employed in Miami, but the kid himself told an investigator his dad worked in Georgia.

The school also failed to fill out a form showing that they did not improperly recruit Rodriguez or Joseph, who transferred from high schools in Puerto Rico and Georgia, respectively.

Brian Delancy's eligibility problems first cast a spotlight on the basketball team. Besides having failed to file proper immigration paperwork, Delancy was shown to have claimed conflicting guardians in documents filed with the county and the athletic association. As New Times first reported, Delancy's purported guardian Bernard Wright was a very sketchy basketball recruiter and long-time crony of Shakey Rodriguez.

The entire athletic department is now on administrative probation for four years, which means if any further cheating is uncovered, it could get dropped from FHSAA competition.

We've embedded the athletic association's memo below.


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