Krop High Basketball Scandal: Where in the World Do Angel Rodriguez and Trevin Joseph Live?

We never did believe that the number-one-ranked Krop High basketball squad's eligibility shenanigans stopped with Brian Delancy's phantom residences.

So over the weekend, we headed to addresses listed in the Miami-Dade School District database for 19-year-old Angel Rodriguez -- Krop's star guard and Puerto Rico transplant, already committed to Frank Martin's Kansas State next year -- and 15-year-old Trevin Joseph, the sophomore guard who last year won a state championship in Georgia.

Those addresses also don't check out. This is starting to feel like Miami High in 1998 all over again.

Last March, Angel Rodriguez told the Miami Herald that his family moved with him from Puerto Rico "to give him a better opportunity to earn a college scholarship", and that he lives with two brothers and his mother, Jacqueline, in a "small apartment" here.

According to school district records, Rodriguez's address is an apartment-- unit 346-- in a building on Miami Gardens Drive, about ten minutes away from Krop's campus. When he received a traffic citation on January 11 for going 57 in a 30 MPH zone without a driver's license, the officer recorded the same address but a different unit number: 364.

Apartment 346 in that building doesn't exist. And apartment 364 is inhabited by Carmen Montano, who told us that she doesn't know an Angel Rodriguez. Miami-Dade property records show that Montano has owned that unit since 2005.

Trevin Joseph, meanwhile, has registered an address -- 1091 on a terrace -- with the school district that is only half a mile from Krop. But that address doesn't exist: The street's addresses go straight from 1081 to 1101. We asked the resident of 1101, named Antoine, to confirm what was apparent: There's no such address on that street. He didn't know of any Trevin Joseph living in the neighborhood. County property records also show that it's a bogus address.

Angel Rodriguez has powered Krop High through its first two games in the playoffs. In the victory against Carol City, he scored 32 points. And in Saturday's district championship game against Hialeah-Miami Lakes, he drained the game-winning shot.

We've attempted to contact both students on Facebook. We called Coach Shakey Rodriguez at eight this morning and left a message on his cell phone explaining our findings. We haven't heard back.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts