Keys Woman Wields Knife After Fiancé Makes Dumb-Blonde Comment

According to stereotypical romantic comedies and sitcoms, one of the worst crimes a straight man can commit is not noticing that his lady friend did something new with her hair. However, a far greater crime seems to be noticing the hair modifications and making fun of them. 

A man in the Keys learned the hard way after his fiancée allegedly tried to stab him and bite off his nipple after he made fun of her newly lightened tresses. 

Patricia Shrader, 51, had added blond highlights to her locks in advance of the Fourth of July holiday and seemed to be proving that blondes have more fun by spending the night drinking with her fiancé at a pool hall in Marathon. 

Kerwyn Mearns, the fiancé, at one point made a dig at Shrader's new do and intelligence by proclaiming, "You're such a blonde."

That didn't go over so well. 

According to NBCMiami, she instantly retaliated by trying to bite Mearns's nipple. 

The fight didn't end there. It carried over into early Tuesday morning when the couple arrived home. While Mearns was in bed, Shrader got a knife and stabbed the mattress twice. 

Shrader was arrested and faces charges of domestic violence and battery.

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