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Keys Man Wishes Girlfriend "Happy Bloody Valentine's Day," Threatens to Cut Off Her Head

For those of you all alone today, just remember it could always be worse. Your Valentine could be a psycho who threatens to cut off your head after strangling you with a belt. That's basically what happened in Key Largo yesterday, and now 33-year-old Nathan Hemby sits behind bars.

Monroe County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a Key Largo apartment last night after the 50-year-old victim called 911 from inside her locked bathroom. She was upset after numerous verbal and physical threats made by Hemby.

He wielded a knife, box cutter, and screwdriver to threaten her, and at one point held his hand over her mouth to silence her while holding the knife to her throat and told her he was going to cut her head off and "grind up her body to sell for meat."

He also kept two leather belts in the apartment and threatened to strangle her with them, and boasted he was going to steal a pair of her panties to add to a collection of underwear belonging to the other girls he had to do this to. He also wished her "a happy bloody Valentine's Day."

When police arrived they found Hemby in the apartment. The underwear was stuffed into his back pocket, the belts hanging from a wall, and all the weapons out in the open. He was taking into custody.

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