Kendrick Meek Wonders if Jeff Greene is Even a Democrat or a Floridian

Democratic senate rivals Rep. Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene met up for their first debate today hosted by the Palm Beach Post. Meek is the affable, but not exactly superstar, Democratic establishment pick, while Greene is a shady billionaire who plans on winning the election on the strength of his own wallet and by shouting "jobs" and "career politicians" at you on the teevee.

One of the keys to being Florida's Democratic senate nominee is being both a Floridian and a Democrat, and, according to the Sentinel, during the debate Miami-based Meek cast doubt on whether Greene was really either. Greene once ran for congress as a Republican in California, and can't remember if he voted for Ronald Reagan or not.

Greene got in his shots by attacking the career of Meek's 84-year-old mother Carrie. She directly preceded Meek in every elected office her son has ever held. Meek responded by being outraged that Greene would stoop to attacking his mama.

The ridiculousness continued as Meek blamed Greene for destroying the economy by making millions off of credit default swaps. Greene tried to place some blame for the Gulf oil spill on Meek.

Guys, guys, settle down. At the end of the day does it really matter which one of you ends up coming in third to Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio anyway?

[Orlando Sentinel: Meek-Greene Debate Starts Nasty - Gets Worse]
[St. Pete Times: Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene really dislike each other ]

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