Kendrick Meek Saves the Life of Fellow Rep from Dreaded Turkey Sandwich Threat

Democratic congresspeople Kendrick Meek and Jan Schakowsky both come from the kind of heavily left leaning, big city districts they could hold for life. Of course, Meek is cutting his tenure short to run for Senate, and Schakowsky almost saw her term --and life-- ended Mama Cass style. Thankfully Meek literally saved her life. 

Schakowsky was chowkowskying down on a turkey sandwich last month in the House of Representative's members only dining hall when a piece of poultry went down the wrong pipe, reports The Hill. Meek jumped the rescue performing a single Heimlich hug, and then pounding on her back until the turkey was freed. 

Meek previously served as a Florida state trooper and a trained emergency responder, so he knows what he's doing.

"He really knows what he's doing, given his experience," Schakowsky said, "And he told me later that the Heimlich can break someone's ribs if you're not careful, so that's why you pound on the person's back between grips."

Schakowsky happens to be one of the most liberal members of the House (and was touted by some corners of the press as a possible running mate for John Kerry. In retrospect, that would have been better than John Edwards). We just wonder until how long some wingnut blog starts floating the theory that the entire thing was staged to bring publicity to Meek's campaign. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.