Katharine the Great White Shark Was Back Off Miami Beach Last Week

Katharine, a 14-foot great white shark that has spent the past several months off the coast of Florida, was back in South Florida last week.

Katharine was tagged last August by marine biologists off Cape Cod, and they've been tracking her ever since. Earlier this year she headed down south and spent a weekend in March off the coast of Miami Beach.

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Katharine has been in the Gulf of Mexico since early June, but her tracker last pinged in that area July 6 south of Sarasota.

According to Ocearch, she wasn't tracked again until July 17 near the Florida Keys. This past Saturday she was near Palm Beach.

Her tracker pinged again near North Florida's east coast early this morning, seeming to indicate she's headed back to Cape Cod.

"It'll be really interesting to see if Katharine returns to Cape Cod later this summer," Ocearch founder Chris Fischer told USA Today in May. "If she does, then she probably didn't get pregnant. If she does not return to Cape Cod by July, then she's likely pregnant."

Seems like someone didn't get lucky on vacation in Florida.

Betsy, a 12-foot great white that's also being tracked by Ocearch, was recently spotted in the Gulf of Mexico. Researchers last received a ping from her June 5, but since then, she hasn't swum close enough to the surface for her tracker to send another signal.

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