Kangaroo Detained by Wrestler, Llamas Tased and Involved in a Car Crash This Week in Florida

Usually it's the people of Florida that act wild, but this week it's actual animals that are garnering bizarre headlines across the state. In one incident, a loose kangaroo was tackled by a former high school wrestler. Then llamas were involved in two separate incidents this week across the state, one of which involved a Taser, the other a car crash.

Kangaroo On The Loose

A 5-foot, 200-pound kangaroo was seen hoping around a highway in Pasco County this Sunday. Sightings of the Australian animal went viral locally, and after seeing posts about the kangaroo on Facebook, 46-year-old Kevin Wehling decided to go down to the area where the 'roo was spotted to get a look for himself with his family in tow.

Wehling spotted the kangaroo. Despite the fact that the animal had already been shot three times by tranquilizer darts and had a net thrown over its head, no one could capture it. So Wehling, a former high school wrestler, decided to do it himself. He ran after the animal and tackled it against a chain link fence. Deputies then helped him finally detain the animal.

The owner of the animal has not yet been identified, but could face charges of improper caging. That caries a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail.

Tased Llamas

In another tail of an animal on the loose, Scooter the Llama busted out of his cage in Leon County, Florida on Friday. The six-foot animal had been running in and out of streets all day, and police were finally able to track down the animal early Saturday morning, but Scooter wouldn't go back to his cage without a fight. Scooter had to be lassoed and Tased before six deputies were able to get him into a trailer. Scooter was returned to his owner who will not be charged, but has agreed to build a strong fence.

Llama Crash

In this week's second bit of llama news, a trailer carrying four llamas flipped over on I-75 near Punta Gorda yesterday. Only one of the llamas was injured during the crash, but all four were taking to a local veterinary hospital.

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