Justin Bieber Will Not Perform at Rick Scott's Inauguration, Just to Clarify

Maybe there's little value in reporting a rumor that's already been proven false, but this one is so bizarre we can't pass it up. Apparently, last night at a meeting of the capital city commission, Tallahassee Police Department Maj. Lewis Johnson said that teen pop superstar Justin Bieber was scheduled to perform at an inauguration event for Governor-elect Rick Scott. Much to the chagrin of the tweenage daughters of rich Republican donors everywhere, this doesn't seem to be the case.

"Major Johnson inaccurately stated that inauguration planning officials are attempting to secure singer Justin Bieber to perform," PD spokesman David McCranie said in a statement. "Inauguration officials have confirmed they are not, nor have they ever attempted to secure him."

"We apologize for any confusion this may have caused."

Well, that's a relief. The only thing Scott and Bieber have in common is that their popularity leaves us mystified.

We have no idea what the political inclinations of young Bieber are. He is after all 16 and Canadian. And most importantly, who cares?

Rick Scott's inauguration will be a grand festival though. He's raised $1 million for the festivities, and there will be at least 12 events, including a candle-lit dinner for donors.

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Kyle Munzenrieder