Justin Bieber Mania Leaves Mother With Unfortunate Mack at Night Tattoo

Which musician coming to town for Super Bowl festivities is really corrupting our children: Pete Townshend or Justin Bieber? This video is good evidence it's the latter, and he is corrupting not only children but also their mothers.

Bieber, if you're not familiar, is a 15-year-old Canadian pop singer whose career is just one pubic hair and a voice crackle away from being over. His fans (mainly teen girls and guys like this) are rabid, so much so that one girl made a deal with the Devil -- well, Clear Channel's Y100, basically the same thing -- that if her mom got a tramp stamp of the DJ who hosts the FM radio station's Mack at Night show, she'd get to meet Bieber in person.

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Kyle Munzenrieder