Justice Souter, the Surprise Liberal, to Retire

David Souter was appointed to the Supreme Court by President George Bush Sr in 1990. NOW and the NAACP protested this choice. Making these interest groups that are oft at odds with the Republican party come together was just about the only good thing Souter did for Conservatives.

Then a funny thing happened in 1992. He started voting with the liberal wing of the court, and has been more or less been a consistent lefty ever since.

Tonight, as if it hasn't been already firmly established, his leanings and legacy were made clear when word leaked that he would retire at the end the current court team, allowing President Obama to choose his replacement as apposed to retiring earlier and leaving the duties in the hands of the son of the man who had appointed him. NPR broke the news.

If Souter had voted conservative as had been expected, it's safe to say life in this country would be a lot different. Especially in regard to a woman's right to choose.

Souter is expected to remain on the beach until a replacement is confirmed. The last thing Obama needs right now is a fight over a supreme court appointment, but he has until October, and with only 40 Republicans in the senate it won't likely be a major dilemma. NPR also reports that Obama is likely to appoint a female Justice.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.