JFK gone from MIA

On a chilly Sunday night, I resurrected my search for JFK, the movie. After an unfruitful trip to a Miami Beach library, I checked the system for the 1991 film directed by Oliver Stone that raises questions about whether fringe Cubans were somehow entangled with the CIA in a plot to kill Kennedy after the botched Bay of Pigs invasion and the Soviet missile crisis. (At the last-minute, the young president yanked promised American support for the exiles in the 1961 plot to overthrow Fidel Castro.) There were two copies listed as missing. A VHS at the Shenandoah branch was the sole available copy.

Next stop: Blockbuster. The clerk said it had vanished from the store's stock. I headed to a neighborhood video store. I spotted a handsome and less portly Kevin Costner on a cover in the drama section. To my delight, it wasn't Field of Dreams. Back at home, I settled into my couch and opened the case. Empty. I gave up and rented Ratatouille instead. It seems that JFK is bordering on extinction in the Magic City. See why Cuban exiles were so angry with Kennedy in this week's New Times feature: Question is, are they angry enough to blot out JFK, one copy at a time?

-- Janine Zeitlin

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