Jersey Shore Season 4 May Shoot in Miami

We miss Snooki almost every single day, and when the crew headed off in their black Escalades at the end of Jersey Shore's Miami-set second season back to whatever hell it is they came from we thought we'd never see her again (well, save for an odd club appearance here and there). Well, The New York Post reports that MTV is eying a fourth season of the great sociological experiment and wants to bring the entire hot mess back to Miami.

A brief report in The New York Post's Page Six says producers want to film the fourth season next spring back here in Miami. The third season finished shooting this summer back in Seaside Heights.

Negotiations are expected to start soon. The only hitch is that the cast may have high salary demands and want their own spin-off shows. We might not want to watch The Situation's desired Entourage-style reality show or anything involving Sammi and Ronni, but please sign us up for a season of Snookin' For Love or a Simple Life-style show with JWoww and Snooki.

Of course, half of South Beach may be groaning at the thought of their return, but really the crew has so much unfinished business here. We mean, really, they still need to have a run in with a rogue gang of chongas.

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Kyle Munzenrieder