Jennifer Lynn Hearn Killed Husband, Buried Him In Hog Pen, Lied On Facebook, Police Say

Six weeks ago, Jennifer Lynn Hearn started bragging on Facebook that her husband had left her, but she'd already found a new man: "Wow. I am so glad one person walked out of my life so others could walk in," she wrote.

Turns out, her husband, Carl "Cliff" Hearn, didn't exactly leave her. Police now say Jennifer Hearn shot and killed him during a late night argument and then buried him under a hog pen in their Melbourne back yard.

The Hearns were known to have a "turbulent" marriage, reports Florida Today, although police had never responded to any domestic violence complaints at the house.

The two had raised three daughters together in a large house on the outskirts of Melbourne since the mid-90s and ran a landscaping company together.

Two months ago, Jennifer Hearn started telling neighbors that her husband had "gone up north" to live with a girlfriend, according to Florida Today. Many were suspicious because he'd apparently left his truck behind.

Then sometime in the last week, an anonymous tip reached the Brevard County Sheriffs Department: Hearn had told a friend that she'd actually shot her husband during a fiery argument.

"Her story was that he left her high and dry and moved out," Lt. Tod Goodyear, a department spokesman, told the paper. "They had a history of problems. We never had any domestic-violence calls, but people have said he was abusive."

Yesterday, police started digging under a hog pen behind a shed in the Hearn's backyard. They found Cliff's decaying remains under about two feet of soil.

Jennifer Hearn, a 40-year-old with a clean criminal record, now faces a second-degree murder charge in her husband's death.

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