Jeff Greene Doesn't Think Lindsay Lohan Pictures Are Important

Either billionaire Senate candidate Jeff Greene is surrounded by so many scandal-plagued celebrities that it is impossible for him to remember them individually, or he is straight-up avoiding questions and deliberately being misleading about his apparent friendship with Lindsay Lohan. Even as more pictures have surfaced showing Lohan in a revealing swimsuit on Greene's multimillion-dollar megayacht Summerwind. Update: We have a reply from the Greene campaign. 

"I don't even know what photograph. People stand next to me all the time in photographs. What can I say? This is not what's important. Floridians are worried about jobs, getting results," Greene told Orlando station WKMG when asked about the photos that clearly showed him standing next to Lohan.

Well, Greene, Floridians are worried about jobs, but they also don't appreciate when a candidate gives such a classic runaround answer. If you don't remember hanging out with Lindsay Lohan just six months ago, maybe you don't have the mental capacity to serve as senator.

Yesterday it seemed to us that Lohan was staying on Greene's yacht during the New Year's holiday in St. Barts. Now pictures of Lohan have popped up that show her wearing a revealing swimsuit aboard Greene's yacht.

It's not like the Lohan thing is that big of a deal. I mean, the Summerwind picture isn't exactly Gary Hart's Monkey Business picture, but a straight answer would be nice.

Update: We just got off the phone with a representative from Greene's campaign. He wanted to clear up that Greene isn't denying he knows Lindsay or trying to give the runaround; he simply wasn't aware the pictures were circulating when he was asked the question yesterday. So there's our answer: Yes, Greene knows Lindsay and didn't mean to imply he didn't, but no, he doesn't think it's that big of a deal. Which, again, it really isn't. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder