Jeb Bush Should Just Run for RNC Chairman

We imagine running the GOP looks exactly like this anyway: wearing a wizard's hat while leading a bunch of racially insensitive white people with children's brains.

The Republican Party has become more or less a parody of itself. Chip Saltsman is running to chair that sinking ship, and as part of his campaign s

ent out a CD with a song on it called "Barack the Magic Negro"

by some sub-Weird Al satirical songster who's featured on the Rush Limbaugh show. Politics is supposed to be serious business, but what does it say about the state of things in this sad ol' party that a big shot hopeful thinks it's not only acceptable, but indeed will help his chances at landing the gig, to send out this kind of insensitive trash. I mean even if it wasn't totally, blatantly, painfully racist the idea that partisan parody songs should play any part in politics at this level is just insane. 

Meanwhile we have Jeb Bush revving up his electoral engine hoping to claim our soon-to-be open Senate seat in 2010. Problem is Jeb's supporters aren't tauting all that he'll do for Florida, but instead all that he'll do for the Republican Party. Sounds like he should be applying for a different job. 

Today, The Washington Times ask if his Senate bid will be a "GOP Remedy". If Jeb is elected its pretty clear he'll hold himself more accountable to certain ideological factions in the minority party than any of his constituents who don't have an R near their name on the voter registrations. 

There's also the often floated criticism that Jeb doesn't have a legislature's temperament, and is more effective as an executive. 

So the solution to both of these messes is pretty obvious. Jeb needs to hop on a plane to DC stat and through his wizard hat into the ring for the job that is actually about saving the Republican Party. Meanwhile Florida can pick a Senator in 2010 who is less driven by party politics and more atuned to the needs of Floridians: Republican, Democrat and Independant. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.