Jay Leno Tells Something Resembling a Joke About Dr. Rekers Rent Boy Scandal

While Jay Leno

wasn't taking classless lowblows at Conan O'Brien

during last night's monologue he found time to tell a "joke" about

New Times' scoop on Dr. George Rekers


See, Rekers says he can cure homosexuality, and Jay's punchline was "I guess he likes to do a lot of one on one work." LOLROFL! * wipes away tears in my eyes from the overwhelming hilarity* Leno and bandlead Kevin Eubanks then made jokes about which would be the first to log onto RentBoy.com, because it's still hilarious to insinuate that someone is gay! *sorry, still wiping away the laughter tears*

The actual funny thing about all this is that Leno's joke wasn't much different than Reker's explanation. See, apparently he was doing one-on-one work trying to get the male escort right with the Lord.

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