Is There a Major Bush vs. Crist Feud Brewing?

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is this delicious little nugget: 

"Charlie Crist has been on a roll lately undermining conservatives. Behind the scenes, he is trying to drum up opposition to Jeb Bush's Senate run, not because he doesn't want another Bush, but because he wants a more moderate candidate."

You can either take it at face value, or assume certain people sympathetic to Jeb Bush and more conservative ideologies are churning out rumors trying to paint Crist as a RINO. Either way, if Jeb runs for Senate, it will be very interesting to see how much support Crist sends his way. Will he be as enthusiastic as he was for John McCain in the primaries, or more hands-off like he was for McCain in the general election? 

More interesting is that both men often have their name thrown about as potential GOP presidential candidates. 

As things look right now, and it could very well change, conventional wisdom says 2016 will be a better year for Republican White House hopefuls than 2012. Jeb, if sucessful, would be finishing up his first Senate term, and Charlie would be two years out of the gov's mansion. Perfect timing for both of them to make a run. Neither wants to be competiting with the other for what would surely be an overlapping list of Florida's donors and of course the primaries themselves. So maybe Charlie would like nothing better than to see Jeb fail miserably in his Senate aspirations, and Jeb would love if RedState.com's idea that Crist is idealogically unfit for "ever being the GOP nominee for President, let alone anything else" took hold. 

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