Is the Megaplan dying? Port of Miami tunnel plan squashed

You may have heard of the Global Agreement- the ominously titled, outrageously ambitious $3 billion project that will basically solve all of Downtown Miami's debt problems, put a new Marlins stadium in Little Havana, build of Port of Miami tunnel, and cure genital warts.  Okay, we threw that last one in a bit unrealistically, but hey, can't we act like a politician every once in a while?

The wheels may be falling off this crazy bus as it hurtles through a getting-scarier-by-the-moment Recession. This morning, a major financial partner with Miami in building the tunnel, Babcock & Brown, bit the dust.  Naturally, a few hours later, so did the tunnel plan itself. The state killed it for lack of funds. "We just a broke motherfucker," the State told reporters before asking for a cigarette.

Over/under on months until the Little Havana stadium goes Hoffa as well is at six, and we're taking the under.

-Gus Garcia-Roberts


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