Is Randy Shannon About to Become UCLA's Defensive Coordinator?

Former Miami Hurricanes head coach Randy Shannon has never been associated with another college team. He played at UM, became a graduate assistant, and gradually worked his way up the coaching ladder to get to the top. No one questioned whether Shannon bled orange and green, but according to some reports, he may soon be donning true blue and gold. Multiple sources are reporting that Shannon has interviewed for the UCLA Bruins defensive coordinator job, with some speculating he's already been offered it.

Shannon was fired by the 'Canes after four disappointing seasons, but his previous run as the team's defensive coordinator (the defense ranked in the top ten during five of his six seasons), his connection to players, good recruiting skills, and sense of discipline meant it was only a matter of time before some team scooped him up.

Rumors of his hire as the head coach at Minnesota and D.C. at Texas never panned out, but it appears that Shannon is the leading candidate to land the position at UCLA.

The Bruins fired Chuck Bullough following the end of the season and recently hired a new offensive coordinator as well. ESPN has reported that both sides would talk today. A blog claims that Shannon has already been offered the job.

The Bruins are coming off a tough 4-8 season, though they did rack up a big win over Texas. The move shouldn't upset 'Canes fans too much. No one would begrudge him a chance at a new start, and with UCLA on the other side of the country, there's not much threat ...unless Shannon helps the Bruins step up their recruiting game in South Florida to the detriment of Miami.

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Kyle Munzenrieder