Is David Rivera's Claim He Hasn't Seen Pro-Cuban Trade Business Man in Years Disproved By His Own Website?

Yesterday, state. Rep David Rivera, who is running to replace seat-jumper Mario Diaz-Balart in congressional district 25, made headlines in the Herald for his friendship with Ariel Pereda. Pereda is the principal of the Havana Group, a firm that advises companies on trading with Socialist Cuba. This, of course, is tantamount to treason in the heavily Cuban-American district. Rivera says he hasn't seen Pereda in years. So why is he lurking in the background of videos on Rivera's own website?

"Like hundreds of other individuals, he is someone I've met and seen in Republican Party political circles. There is no relationship beyond that," Rivera said in a statement to the Herald.

However other politicians told the paper that two are close.

"They're not only friends but they're good friends," said state Rep. Juan Zapata.

Now one of Riveria's republican primary rivals for the seat, Marili Cancio is circulating a video claiming that Pereda can be seen in the background of a video on Rivera's own website.

It's hard to tell if that blurry face is actually Pereda's, but it would be hilarious if Rivera's claim is disproved by his own campaign material.

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