Intoxicated Mother Tased and Arrested for Beating Baby

If there are any great truths in this crazy world of ours, things that most of humanity can agree upon, one of them is that babies are for hugging and kissing, not beating. Sadly a mother in Homestead has been arrested for severely beating her 7-month-old child.

The incident happened last night, around midnight, near Northeast 13th Street and Krome Avenue reports WSVN. Police responded after a disturbance call, and found the mother highly intoxicated and abusing her child. While the baby became unresponsive during initial treatment, the child is now in stable condition after being airlifted to Miami Children's Hospital.

The mother became violent when police intervened, and was Tased. She now face charges of child abuse and aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer. [WSVN]

  • Medicaid has denied a local mother living with leukemia a life-saving procedure. [WSVN]
  • Israel "Zako" Jean has been named a person of interest in the Friday night shooting death of a 7-year-old girl in Little Haiti. An assault rifle fired at the car she was driving in and pierced her back. [CBS4]
  • Thousands of teachers across Miami-Dade have called in sick today. They have caught a horrible case of Florida-Legislature-is-stupid-itis. [Herald]

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