"Illegal Alien Crossing" Signs Pop Up in Naples

Not to make outrageous, blanket statements like "White people in Naples are generally closed minded idiots unaware of cultures and the world at large outside of their sunny little resort town bubble," but let's just say after having grown up there I'm not surprised at this latest news. An oddly official looking sign erected at a traffic light that connects a largely Hispanic trailer home community to a shopping center read "Illegal Immigrant Crossing." The Collier County Sheriff's office quickly took it down and are looking for the culprit, even as commenters on the local newspaper are laughing at the sign and chiding police for "wasting" time.

The cross walk and red light were recently installed on Radio Road in Naples after a woman was hit and killed trying to cross the street. The Naples Daily News reports it connects a, "connects a largely Spanish-speaking mobile home community with a shopping center." WINK news reports, "Residents in the area say their community is made up primarily of illegal immigrants." (Some actual reporting on that issue would have been nice, instead of finding a couple of unnamed "residents" to support the claim, but ok.)

Earlier this week a sign popped up underneath the crosswalk sign that read "Illegal Alien Crossing." It looked professional, save for the fact it was a shade or two brighter than the original sign.

While the Hispanic community is outraged, unsurprisingly a good number of Naples residents are getting a kick out of the stunt:

Anonymously, some are congratulating the pranksters and calling the incident funny. Hundreds have posted comments on the Naples Daily News website about the stunt, with many supporting it and calling for a crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Comments like this:

If it were me, I'd turn myself in - and let a jury of my peers decide which "crime" is worse - illegal alien immigration or EXPOSING the TRUTH about it.

Seems like someone needs a reminder in how the legal system works.

I think this is great, this guy just put up what everyone is thinking. The american people have had enough of it, even if the politicians aren't on board. The CCSO shouldn't be investigating this, I want my tax dollars spent on fighting crime, not the possible infringing of civil liberties of people that have no right to be here in the first place. Come on CCSO lets try to work on more important things.

Yeah, like illegals give a blasted about following our Country's rules, they will cross wherever they want, "we don't need no crosswalk!" This sign was a great idea but unfortunately the audience it was intended for will not benefit from it, thanks CCSO

I am not a an anti-Latino bigot, like so many here are, but I LOVE to see people expressing themselves in creative and humorous ways. It sure beats being preached at or yelled at (or spit on or called racially biased names).

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.