Hurricanes Have 25-1 Odds to Win Next Year's Championship, According Vegas

Last night's BCS game is in the history books, but Las Vegas never sleeps. Two odds makers are already out with betting lines for next year's championship, and they've both given the Miami Hurricanes 25-1 odds. Those are by no means spectacular odds, but better than one might expect for a team that just finished 7-5.

It's also, well, odd considering the chances the Miami Hurricanes will probably be suffering a bowl ban next season are at least 1-1.

RJ Bell at Pregame.com gave the 'Canes 25-1 odds. Too put that in perspective, that ties them with Oklahoma. Georgia has worse 30-1 odds, while Notre Dame had slightly better 20-1 odds. Florida and Florida State each have 15-1 odds.

Bovada.lv also released odds today, and again have the 'Canes at 25-1, again tied with Oklahoma. In their view, Notre Dame has 22-1 odds, while UF and FSU each have 14-1.

By rank, Miami would be tied with Oklahoma for the 12th best odds by both.

Remember though, betting odds, especially this early on, are based more on what bets bookies think the public are willing to take rather than any sort of in-depth analysis of a team. For them it's all about picking the odds that are guaranteed to make them money. For all we know, this just means they maybe think there's a lot of gullible 'Canes fans out there who like to gamble.

Yes, everyone expects Al Golden's young Hurricanes squad to get better with age, but we doubt, for instance, they'll start out ranked as high 12th on any preseason polls. In fact, in the few way, way too early page-view baiting unofficial ranking listicles that have already been published, the 'Canes are nowhere to be seen.

Plus, you know, there's that entire matter of the NCAA investigation. So, we'd probably better wait until any sanctions are handed down before making any bets.

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