Hugo Chavez Plans His Own Disney World: A Libertador Theme Park

Do you love Disney World, but wish Mickey and Minnie were a little heavier on the socialism? Why can't Space Mountain also educate kids about the glories of Simon Bolivar's revolution? Don't worry: Hugo Chavez is on the case.

The Venezuelan president announced plans this week to turn the site of a key battle in Bolivar's war of independence into a theme park complete with rides and attractions. 

To be fair to Hugo, it sounds like Bolivar World will be a little closer to Colonial Williamsburg -- a a kind of historical Renaissance fair --  than Six Flags Over Caracas.

The park would be at the Campo de Carabobo, site of Bolivar's decisive victory in the Battle of Carabobo against Spanish Colonialists. 

Chavez announced his plans for the site after a reenactment of that battle earlier this week, according to Venezuela's AVN Network.

The site will eventually feature rides and staff dressed in historically accurate uniforms, Ernesto Ruiz, Chavez's vice minister of tourism development, tells the site.

You can bet it will be heavy on Chavismo sentiment, too -- the park would be part of Chavez's planned "Ruta de los Libratadores," a trail celebrating Bolivar's achievements. 

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