How To Defeat The Great Lionfish Menace: Eat Them

Lionfish are the great scourge of the sea. Native to the Pacific, the beautiful but poisonous fish have begun popping up in the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean along Florida and the islands, where they wreck havoc on the native ecosystem by eating everything in sight and have few natural predators. They're even now in the waters off of Miami.

So what can you do to combat this environmental menace? One group wants you to fry them suckers up in some butter and pop in your mouth like nuggets. Finally, someone's figured out a way to protect the environment by appealing to America's never-ending need for delicious food.

The Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) has already sponsored derbies where divers round up the fish, but they're taking it one step further with the release of a cookbook. The Lionfish Cookbook is now selling for $16.95.

"Lionfish are delicious table fare with a delicate buttery flavor," claims the book.

Sample recipes include spicy lionfish fillets and lionfish nachos.

I hope to God there are lionfish nuggets and lionfish pizza and lionfish burgers.

This is really a smart way to combat an ecological problem, and in this case, unlike your emotional issues, eating something may actually help to solve a problem.

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Kyle Munzenrieder