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How Miami Heat Players Spent the Offseason, According to Instagram

Tyler Herro is still living his best life.
Tyler Herro is still living his best life.
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Thanks to a COVID-delayed 2019-'20 season that stretched all the way into October, the Miami Heat's offseason lasted all of eight weeks. By comparison, the Atlanta Hawks haven't played in nine months.

To put that another way, the Heat's offseason was long enough for players to take a family vacation. The Hawks' offseason was long enough to literally make a family from scratch.

To state the obvious, the Heat having seven fewer months off than some other franchises would seem to put the team at a disadvantage. Don't tell the Heat that, though. The Miami Heat isn't into excuses. To the Heat, all work is easy work. 

Understanding that the Miami Heat just finished playing the Los Angeles Lakers in October, we decided to take a scroll through the players' Instagram feeds to see how each of them used their precious little time off. Here is a sampling of the best things we found.

Bam Adebayo fulfilled a lifelong goal. The pain of an abbreviated offseason, following the longest season in NBA history, is usually alleviated when your team rewards you with a new contract worth almost $200 million. I mean, we're guessing. It seems like it would do the trick better than Tylenol.

Bam Adebayo has always said his dream was to buy his mom a house. In early December, days after signing his new contract, he did precisely that.

Tyler Herro is still living his best life. Tyler Herro is a great basketball player, but he's even better at life. As the above picture indicates, Tyler Herro has utilized his 20 years on this planet to the fullest. The man leaves no life on the table.

Herro has posted plenty of videos of himself grinding in the gym and working out in preparation for his sophomore season, but it's also clear he's been enjoying some downtime with his girlfriend, fitness model Katya Elise Henry.

"Jimmy Buckets" was never too far from a bucket. Jimmy Butler finally got a haircut after he left the Orlando playoff bubble, then he got on a boat and did boat shit. As you can see in the above Instagram post, he brought his buckets with him.

Butler took his beat-up body to Anguilla in this abbreviated offseason. In true Jimmy fashion, though, his mind never really left the court.

Goran Dragic rehabbed in Dubai. Of all the places to retreat during a pandemic after tearing your plantar fascia during the NBA Finals, Goran Dragic, apparently, jetted to the United Arab Emirates. Goran Dragic is just more adventurous and cooler than the rest of us. The fact that he is healthy for the start of the season means he actually heals better than we do, too.

Goran spending time on a beach in Dubai while many of us barely want to get off the couch to pick up chicken wings at Publix is all you need to know about the Heat point guard. He's just built differently.

Kendrick Nunn went to Turks and Caicos. If it wasn't already clear, Miami Heat basketball players spend their vacation time a tad bit differently than we do. Most of us would be happy to travel to Orlando if we had eight weeks off right now.

Kendrick Nunn was on the first flight to Turks and Caicos after the NBA Finals ended. How do we know that? He posted multiple times on Instagram about it. Why did we not include those embeds in this story? He deleted them all. Could it be a sign he's included in a deal that lands James Harden in Miami? Could be.

Whatever his reason for deleting the posts, Nunn traveling during a pandemic isn't as stressful as it is for the rest of us. He had COVID back in August, so his biggest fear during the above sojourn was probably a shark bite, not the "invisible enemy."

KZ Okpala was plotting. There aren't a lot of clues as to what KZ Okpala did this offseason. From what we can gather, the up-and-coming Heat forward had himself some time to think about getting some run this season. With Derrick Jones Jr. gone to Portland and Jae Crowder off to Phoenix, the door will be open to get in the rotation for the first time in his career.

For now? KZ looks very chill. It's sort of his thing, it seems.

Kelly Olynyk got engaged. According to Instagram, which never lies, Kelly Olynyk popped the question to one lucky lady after the Heat season ended. It's not clear where this happened, but the above series may have taken place in the Keys. Or the Bahamas. Or someplace in Canada, where Kelly's from. We really have no idea, but congrats, kids!

Kelly Olynyk is in every trade scenario ever mentioned in the same breath as the Heat. He's locking up a lifetime contract with his lady, though. No-trade clause included.

Gabe Vincent is ready for the holidays. We don't know much about Gabe Vincent, but one look at his Instagram posts since last season ended shows he's definitely a man who feels him some Christmas vibes. Vincent has the inside track on one of the last roster spots this season and actually played a few minutes in the bubble-enclosed playoffs.

That pretty much concludes the Gabe Vincent portion of this post. That's all we got. Merry Christmas, Gabe!

Duncan Robinson got an arm sleeve tattoo. Just kidding. Duncan Robinson definitely did not cover his entire arm with ink. Just checking if you're still paying attention.

After half-joking on a podcast with fellow NBA guard J.J. Reddick that he sometimes wonders if he'd be more respected by other players if he were to get tattoos, Duncan posted this photo on his Instagram last week. Well played, Duncan.

Erik Spoelstra had a birthday. Coach Spo had himself a birthday on November 1. For many of us, a birthday during the pandemic has meant a low-key, miniaturized version of anything we'd normally do. For Spo, it meant a surprise birthday party in Hawaii.

While Spoelstra doesn't post much non-NBA stuff to Insta, his wife is an avid 'gram-er and details a lot of their family travels. It seems as if the Heat's future Hall of Fame coach was able to fit an entire offseason's worth of relaxation into the small window of time he had. 

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