Horribleness of Good Morning, Miami, NBC in General, Explained by Jeff Zucker's Ego

Despite the fact that NBC's on-going late night wars are the blog topic du jour we've mostly shied away from the topic because the local angle -- that NBC Universal CEO & President Jeff Zucker, who many see as personally responsible for the entire debacle was born and raised in Miami -- is tedious at best. But this tidbit is too good to pass up.

Remember that odd little show Good Morning, Miami that NBC aired for a season and half in the earlier part of last decade? Maybe you don't, because no one really watched it.

Well, one of the reasons it even got on the air is because it was somewhat based on Jeff Zucker's own life. Zucker, a kid from Miami, moved to New York and turned around the rating of The Today Show to make it the highest-rated morning show in the nation. On the show, Jake Silver (even the names have a similar ring) moves to Miami and tries to turn around the ratings of a failing local morning show (which had a nun who delivered the weather ...comic genius, I tell ya).

The show premiered shortly after Zucker made the jump from The Today Show to president of NBC Entertainment. While highly rated sitcoms like Friends, Will & Grace, and Fraiser were ending their runs, Zucker decides to put his stamp on Must See TV Thursday with a show basically about himself.

Sure, it had Suzanne Plechette, who was just wonderful, and was helmed by the same team as Will & Grace, but it became one of the first disasters of many for Zucker, and gives you a peak into the mind of a man who has turned a once great network to shambles. But whatever, if there's any justice in the world he'll be fired soon. Right?

Maybe he can get his old job of writing freelance sports articles for The Herald back. Oh, right. The Herald makes NBC look like a well-oiled business machine.

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