Holder Held Weepy Reno in His Arms After Elian Gonzalez Raid

Babalu Blog and its ilk haven't picked up on this, but we can already imagine their response: "That dirty socialist mainstream media is trying to pull one over on the Cubans by implying that this new attorney general isn't a godless prick who jumped for joy at the though of sending Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba."

As Riptide mentioned yesterday, Obama's likely nominee for AG, Eric Holder, was deputy AG during the Elian Gonzalez saga.

ABC News is reporting that after the infamous raid, Holder spoke of holding a weepy Janet Reno in his arms.

"At the conclusion of this, I closed the door, at the time of the raid, and I held the attorney general in my arms, and she wept," Holder said. "She did not want this to happen. She cares a great deal about that community, and hoped and prayed that there was a way in which this thing could have been worked out, short of the enforcement action that she very reluctantly had to order."

Liberal media theories aside, ABC found the interview in its own archives and decided it was at least worth a blog post. Plus his name is Holder -- what do you expect him to do? Not hold someone? Har, har ... ha ...

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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