Hillary Clinton to Speak at FIU on Friday (She's Just Not Sure If You're Invited or Not)

Hillary Clinton may be, by all accounts, the leading presidential candidate on either ticket, but she's been criticized for holding few events open to the public so far. That might change this Friday at Florida International University  — or it might not. All we know for sure is that Clinton will be on campus later this week to give a policy address. 

Clinton was already scheduled to be in South Florida that day to speak at the National Urban League’s annual conference at the Broward Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale. Fellow candidates including Jeb Bush, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, and Ben Carson will also be on hand. 

Clinton, however, has decided to make a day of it, and according to Naked Politics, she'll travel down to FIU's main Modesto A. Maidique campus afterward to deliver a speech. 

It's still unclear, though, if the event will be by invite only or if members of the general public will get a chance to attend. 

Clinton started off her campaign with a string of small, intimate gatherings with invited guests and voters that stood in stark comparison to the large rallies that other candidates throw (or at least try to throw). She's started throwing more public events, but usually in early voting states. Her trips to South Florida during this cycle so far have only been for fundraising purposes. Back in May, she attended a fundraiser at the Coral Gables home of widow Nilda Milton. 

Of course, with Florida's primaries not until March 15, two weeks after Super Tuesday, we shouldn't expect that many big, public visits from presidential candidates until March. (Fundraising trips are another matter.) That will likely change during the general election when we'll probably get tired of visits from the two eventual nominees.
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Kyle Munzenrieder