Hialeah Babysitter Abducted by Ex-Husband, Kids Left Alone

Two young children under four years old were left alone in Hialeah after their babysitter was abducted. The woman, whose name has not been released, was watching her niece and nephew when her ex-husband showed up to the house and forced her into his car.

According to CBS Miami, the angry ex showed up and bound the woman by her wrists and drove around with her in his car. He hit the woman numerous times during the drive and left the two kids she was watching in the home unsupervised.

Meanwhile, the mother of the children tried to get in contact with the babysitter and her two kids. When no one answered the phone she called 911.

Police arrived to the home shortly before the mother arrived and found the two young children unharmed.

As for the babysitter, she managed to convince her ex-husband to temporarily let her out of the car so she could retrieve some personal items from the home. Instead she ran to safety and found police officers already there.

"He took her by force," Eddie Rodriguez, of the Hialeah Police Department, told Local 10. "Now, while she was in the vehicle, she convinces him to let her go, let her come back to the house to pick up some stuff, and that's when she found officers already in the house, and now we have her with us. She is OK now that she's with us, but now, we begin the search for him."

Police have not yet located or publicly identified the kidnapper.

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