Heat's Eddie House Fined $25,000 for "Crotch-Related Gesture"

The NBA doesn't want you to think about their players' crotches. As far as they are concerned their players don't even have crotches, and any player caught in any way pointing to their crotch apparently gets fined $25,000. That's what happened to the Heat's Eddie House for his "obscene" "crotch-related gesture" in Sunday's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

House put up a three-pointer with twenty-two second left that put the Heat ahead and sustained them for the eventual win. If we were House, we'd be pretty damn excited for making such a pivitol play on a team with such superstars. So maybe we understand why House did this: 

It took us a little while to figure out what House is doing, but enthusiasts of the mime arts will recognize House is signaling that he has such big balls he has to hold them. Yeah, we're not sure we would've even picked up on that if the NBA didn't point it out for us. 

The league announced the fine yesterday, and is only citing his display in the Sunday game, although House made a similar gesture in Saturday's game. Unless he appeals, House himself will have to pay the fine. 

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