Heat Avenge 30-Point Loss to the Spurs With 30-Point Win

Just ten days ago, the Miami Heat were in the midst of a five-game losing streak that included a season sweep at the hands of the Chicago Bulls and a press conference where head coach Erik Spoelstra told everyone that his players were crying after a loss. In the mix was also a 30-point loss to the San Antonio Spurs. This brought the Heat Haters joy to no end.

But then the Heat beat the Lakers and the Grizzlies and last night got revenge against the Spurs with a 30-point win of their own. Some might say this is just a sign of a good team finding its rhythm again. But the more appropriate response to this news would be, "Suck on that, haters!"

Dwyane Wade scored 29 points, while Chris Bosh added 30 and LeBron James contributed 21 as the Big Three lead the way to their revenge win over the best team in the NBA.

During the Heat's five-game losing streak, there were questions about Chris Bosh's role on the team, LeBron's so-called weak-mindedness and whether or not Wade was holding back because he was no longer the late-game option.

But those reports proved one thing: That the media is dumb. And also, that the Heat was merely in a slump most teams suffer through but because they're the Heat, was magnified more than most. But mostly, it proved that the media is dumb.

The last time these two teams met, the Spurs scorched the Heat with a franchise record 17 three pointers for the game. Last night, Miami's defense smothered the Spurs, forcing them to go an abysmal 6-for-22 from beyond the arc. Three-point daggers have been the Spurs' M.O. all season long, and the Heat defense made it their goal to hold San Antonio's sharp-shooters in check.

As for Miami's M.O? That comes in the form of the Fuck You! dunk LeBron and D-Wade occasionally drop on teams from time to time. After the 30-point, 17-three-pointers-against shellacking the Heat took at the hands of San Antonio a week and a half ago, it was high time to bust out a Fuck You! dunk in epic fashion. On ESPN, no less.

With 10:14 remaining, and the lead building, Wade found LeBron on a fast break behind-the-back no-look pass that resulted in an especially epic Fuck You! dunk (now with 25% more fuckery!). The crowd went wild, the Spurs waved the white flag, and the Heat took down another top-tier team, just like everyone has been insisting they couldn't do (see video below).

So to recap, the Heat are currently riding a three-game winning streak that includes beating the two best teams in the NBA in convincing fashion. Coincidentally enough, the Heat Haters have been quite silent during this three-game winning streak. We can hardly wait for the next Heat loss to find out where they've been all this time!

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Chris Joseph