Happy Birthday, King James! Here Are Miami's Best LBJ Tweets After He Beats the Nuggets

LeBron James celebrated his 29th anniversary of winning the DNA lottery with 26 points, six rebounds, and 10 assists, in a 97-94 Monday night road win over the Denver Nuggets. Newly minted Eastern Conference Player of the Week Chris Bosh chipped in 17 points and five rebounds, while Michael Beasley scored nine, three of which came with under a minute left, to put the Heat up four.

Dwyane Wade and Norris Cole were both forced to leave the game, Wade with back spasms, and Cole after smacking his head on the floor following a fast break foul. Ty Lawson had 26, including five threes in the loss. Heat fan favorite Nate Robinson was held scoreless.

Seemingly, every Heat game is the same now, with the Heat at some point getting out to a nice early lead, leading you think this one will be fun and easy. Then the other, less talented team, inexplicably lets some middle-of-the-line NBA player goes completely unconscious, draining threes left and right, giving his team the lead heading into the third quarter. The Heat rest LeBron until the nine-minute mark, and when he re-enters, the Heat do Heat things, and take the game in "Winning Time."

This one was no different, as the Heat trailed by nine at the half, and five heading into the fourth quarter. Once again, the Heat turned on the give-a-shits right in the nick of time, and pulled the lead away from the Denver Nuggets cold dying fist late.

Up just one with under a minute left, Beasley stepped up and knocked down a cold blooded long three, putting this chapter of Late Night Miami Heat to bed for good.


Heat fans took to Twitter to wish LeBron James a Happy Birthday, mostly in "PLEASE RT OMG I LOVE YOU" fashion, here were some of the best.

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