Governor Crist: Puppies for Everyone

Traditional newspaper columnists get to enjoy things such as "taking time to write" and "thinking out ideas before they're published," which are practically unheard of here in the media ghetto known as blog world. Yet so many newspaper columns are just horrible, horrible things to read. We don't know why this is, but thankfully there are many exceptions.

Today's award for Funniest Thing Written in a Florida Newspaper (Intentional Division) goes to the St. Pete Times' Howard Troxler for his Charlie Crist puppy parade dream.

Two guys at the front of the parade were grabbing back the coupons for free puppies. I stopped them. One was named Jeff, the other, Larry.

Why are you taking away everybody's puppy?" I asked. "Is it because you are mean?"

"I am not mean," Jeff said as he snatched a balloon away from a passing child. "I am just realistic."

Maybe we just really, really love puppy-related humor, but bravo. Oh, also, there's a video of a pug pushing a stroller after the cut.

[Times: Florida's budget debate (or, Gov. Peppy vs. the Brothers Grimm)]

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