Governator vs. Alex Sink: Schwarzenegger Calls Florida "For the Old People"

Remember back in 2003 when California elected Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor and the rest of the world was like, "Wow, what a strange world we live in." Well, he's still governor, and he doesn't have many nice words for Florida.

While trying to talk up California's tourism industry at a Silicon Valley conference Tuesday, the Republican Governator disparaged other states.

"There's no one screaming like, 'I can't wait to get to Iowa.' That I can guarantee you. They want to come here to California," Schwarzenegger said. "Like one state is known for its potatoes; one state is known for its oil. And another state like Florida is known for the old people."

Well, we hate to break it to the 62-year-old, but he isn't exactly a spring chicken anymore.

Florida's CFO and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink, who's a year younger than Arnold, stood up for her state.

"It seems that Florida, one of the most beautiful, diverse, and business-friendly states in the nation, with no state income tax, has intimidated the 'Governator' -- given that his state may be best known for its high taxes and ballooning deficits. I invite Governor Schwarzenegger to take a trip to the Sunshine State and see firsthand what brings people of all ages and cultures to visit and settle in Florida," Sink said in a statement.

Schwarzenegger has been to Florida; parts of his movie True Lies were filmed here. But there's no word if he's ready to say -- and we apologize for this, but you knew it was coming -- "I'll be back."

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