GOP's Devastating Ad: Democrat Alex Sink is a Democrat

These "Web Ads" that both state parties occasionally put up are almost all uniformly horrible, but this new GOP attack ad on Alex Sink seems to be, well, pretty flimsy and stupid. The attack? The Democratic candidate for Governor has, whadaya know, donated to other Democrats before! Washington Democrats! Zut alors! 

By pointing out that Sink has donated money to all these "Washington Liberals," the GOP tries to paint Sink as "not one of us" and as a Washington Insider, even though she's not. At least not compared to her Republican rival Bill McCollum who, oh my, actually served in Washington in the house of Representatives for nearly two decades. 

And that "not one of us" line? They must be aware big time candidates of all types use Florida as a political piggy bank. Hillary Clinton raised more than $8 million in Florida alone during her ill-fated primary campaign, and Barack Obama raised more than $21 million here. 

It's even stupider when you remember the state party's likely new chair, John Thrasher, cut a check to Sink's CFO campaign before she switched gears and ran for Governor. Who's the Washington liberal who's "not one of us" now, Thrasher?  

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