Good News for iPhone Addicts: AT&T To Double Miami's 3G Speed by 2010

Watching important YouTube videos (like Penis-mouthed shark), updating your twitter, and sexting on your iPhone is about to get twice as fast in Miami. 

AT&T, the iPhone's carrier, announced today that Miami and five other cities will be the first in which the company rolls out its latest 3G network update. Where not much for nerd-talk, but basically the peak speed of the current network is 3.6 mbps. The update will increase that to 7.2 mbps. That doesn't mean you're necessarily going to be able to connect at that speed all the time, but it will certainly be an improvement. 

The upgrade is supposed to be done by the end of the year. 

AT&T will then begin testing newer technology next year where connection speeds could reach as high as 100 mbps, but the earliest that will be officially rolled out is 2011. 

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